Why Is Everyone Talking About The Coatigan?


The fashion world loves a coatigan; it’s a coat that you never have to take off! What could be better? You can spend all of this money on a coat yet only the driver and a select few will get to see it on the way to your event. With a coatigan, you can wear it all night, keeping you warm on your journey and stylish when you arrive. They are perfect for the UK’s unpredictable weather! This could actually be what your wardrobe is crying out for.

One huge benefit of a ladies coatigan is that it’s long which means it provides you with a slimming effect. Its length will also give the illusion of a long silhouette, streamlining your figure by covering your hips and bottom.


What is a coatigan anyway?

A lightweight coat is now known as a coatigan. This is because it is in between a coat and a cardigan. It can be worn as a coat as well as a cardigan and is perfect for those in-between days. You will find that it is as big as a coat but as light and soft as a cardigan. On nights out with your friends, you will never have to take it off; you can wear it all night long and still look stylish in whatever you are wearing. You can go for a cosy natural colour look to keep you warm on those winter days or you may prefer to wear a brighter, bolder colour to get yourself noticed on those chilly days.

What actually is the perfect length coatigan?

Choosing the right length can be tricky; it all depends on what you will be wearing it with. Say you’re going out wearing a knee-length

skirt a close to knee length coatigan would be perfect whereas, if you’re wearing long jeans, a longer one would be more ideal. Although a knee length would also match with jeans and a nice pair of boots to keep you stylish.

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Styling a coatigan

The style of the coatigan is all down to your preference and what suits you the best. By now you probably know what looks good on you, whether it’s small, angular collars or wide ones. Luckily they come with collars in all shapes and sizes; some even have no collar at all! 

When it comes to the colour well, what colours aren’t there?! You can get them in grey, black, navy, even pink and cream; you can also get patterned ones too! Personally, we prefer those that are bold around the edges as this makes it a piece of clothing that instantly draws attention.

The right way to wear a coatigan

For women who want to look taller and slimmer, the following style tip will be particularly effective, especially with the coatigan. If you wear yours with the buttons open down the front to form vertical lines from the neckline, this helps create the illusion of length and makes you appear taller and slimmer.

Unfortunately, the chances of you finding a coatigan that is absolutely perfect (the perfect length, the perfect colour and with exactly the right neckline) are very slim. So, my advice would be to just focus on finding the perfect colour and the perfect length then you can wrap or loop a gorgeous faux fur scarf or a pashmina around your neck to disguise a potentially imperfect neckline.

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EDIT-November 2017

Now that the winter season is starting to feel cooler, it’s the perfect time to get your coatigan. More and more styles and colours are becoming available, now in block colours and much more!

As winter is approaching fast, you can wear anything from chunky knit coatigans, to seasonal sparkles!

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Walking around town recently I have noticed the large amount of them that people are wearing, they are definitely the item of clothing to have this winter!

Click the ‘Shop Now’ button in the images to be taken right to the new styles!

We also love the grey check coatigans from the next collection, the thick collar and grey, dark grey check goes a long way!

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