3 Tips When Finding Your Perfect Poncho

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The poncho is this season’s must-have layering piece and also a bestseller. A poncho is chic, modern and functional! If you’re not wearing it for winter, you’ll be wearing one in spring! It’s the perfect all-round weather cape! You can layer it up to keep yourself warm through those chilly months.

Tip 1- Size

A poncho (or sometimes called a cape) is the perfect cover up for all your small imperfections that you like to cover up. So go bigger than what you would normally have, they’re supposed to be baggy. So Do not buy one that is fitted. They provide a silhouette figure look, so you can feel comfortable and look glamorous. In my eyes, its the perfect outfit for you glamours plus size girls.

Another reason for going bigger in size, the bigger you go the more layers you can fit underneath.Now you obviously do not want to go so big that your shoulders peak through the head hole, but big enough to be able to put maybe a jumper under to complement the colours and keep you warm. Don’t you also just feel like a little bug in its cocoon when wearing oversized items or is that just me? 

Like the oversized feel to? Find out more about the best knitwear this season in our blog by clicking the link.

Tip 2 – Arms

No, I’m not asking whether you have arms or not, But do you want actual arm holes in the poncho or just a big open space on the side to drape over your arms.

Personally, I prefer ones with arms, they cling to your arms and give a nice overall shape to your outfit. ( i just also like the soft knit feel on my arms, it makes it feel like winter)

There are a few different types, ones that have elastic on the arm which clings to you, or some with just a designated hole for your arm that allows your arms to freely move. Or I know some people love having no arms at all and have their arms through the bottom of the cape.

This is one just for your own personal preference, not one is better than the other, just do you prefer arms or no arms.

Tip 3 – Designs

Explore different designs of poncho, if you haven’t yet looked, there are so many different styles. Some with tassels, fluffy edging, hoods, pockets and to make things harder they all come in different prints and pretty much every colour!

Don’t forget, some are just with a head hole, but some use a button or a fastening at the front. The head hole ponchos give the full affect of the poncho, these go back to the true meaning of where they originated from.

My favorite designs are the Aztec/Nordic ones, they make me feel well and truly Christmas. I like all the reds and blues as I see these as the cosy colour, perfect for a cosy outfit.



Having so many different variations isn’t always a bad thing, it just means that there’s one for every occasion! So dig deep into your piggy banks and get those few you cant decide between.


Below are a few designs that I personally love!

Follow the link or click ‘Shop Now’ to see where to buy.


Ladies Nordic Design Poncho With Tassel Edge

Ladies Aztec Open Front Shawl Poncho

Poncho Diamond Design With Faux Fur Collar

Womens Flower Crest Poncho With Fringe Edge

Don’t forget, if you’ve found the perfect one but can’t match it with your outfit or size, they will go as a perfect Christmas gift. 

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